About Us

Our attorneys use their knowledge of Workers’ Compensation Law to fight for you

Davis & Venturini is a boutique Workers’ Compensation law firm. We have been practicing in the area of New York Workers’ Compensation Law, for over twenty years. We deliver the caliber of representation that insurance carriers, self-insured employers, municipalities, educational institutions and injured worker’s demand. Our attorneys are accessible and skilled, and provide innovative strategies for the resolution of the most complex issues on all cases.

Davis & Venturini has earned a reputation for stability, staff retention and innovative litigation and negotiation methods. We are poised to meet the challenges of the ever changing New York Workers’ Compensation Law, and assist our clients to achieve the results they desire. Our attorneys strive to remain up to date on current New York case and statutory law, which affects our clients.

We represent our client’s interests in claims made before the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board, providing litigation support and other related services. We handle all aspects of the proceedings, from the inception of a claim, to appeal of decisions to the Board and, when necessary, to the New York State Appellate Division and New York State Court of Appeals.

The attorneys from Davis & Venturini are available to represent our clients at hearings in the New York metro area, including Long Island. Unlike many other workers’ compensation firms, the partners, Altagracia Davis and Jean Venturini, will appear to represent clients at many of these hearings. All of the attorneys who represent our clients are highly experienced in the practice of New York Workers’ Compensation Law.

Along with hearing representation, Davis & Venturini is proud to offer services in numerous aspects of workers’ compensation. We are knowledgeable and experienced in the area of recovery of lien monies from third party actions. We are well versed in case and statutory law that continues to affect these liens. We are able to administer and advise on loss transfer claims extending from work related motor vehicle accidents, pursuant to Section 5105 of the New York State Insurance Law. Through negotiation and arbitration, we have recovered considerable sums for the self-insured employers and carriers that we represent.

Davis & Venturini has remained aware of the many changes in the practice of New York workers’ compensation law, since the enactment of new legislation in 2007, the implementation of new Workers’ Compensation Board medical guidelines in December, 2010 and the Permanency Guidelines issued in 2012. We remain committed to handling claims for all of our clients with a comprehensive knowledge of how these laws and guidelines will affect each claim on an individual basis. Through the continuous changes in the area of New York workers’ compensation law, we continue to actively and aggressively meet our clients’ demands by resolving each claim with the most cost effective approach.


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